Saturday, March 15, 2008

You Guessed It!

It certainly isn't surprising that so many of you guessed the Mystery UFO quilt. Obviously, you've already been to Happy Zombie's fabulous blog (I totally LOVE Monica!) and seen her gorgeous work, and you've probably already taken advantage of her free pattern, the Jingle Jolly Tablerunner. I loved her tablerunner so much that I duplicated Monica's quilt using the same fabrics. I didn't make an EXACT duplicate-- i.e. using the same fabrics in the exact same spots--no, no, that would be being a quilt stalker or something. Although...with Monica's quilts, I'm sorely tempted to become one. Have you seen her her latest quilt? Or her sewing room? Or her bagels?

Ahem. Okay...perhaps I'm more than a casual observer of Monica. Perhaps I'm a Monica "voyeur," but not a stalker. Yet.

The Jingle Jolly Tablerunner, pattern by Monica Solorio-Snow; made by Lisa Boyer 2008

Sorry about the lumpy grass shot, but I had to take these pictures outside during a class break while it was still light enough. Aren't these fabrics wonderful? They're from the Holly Jolly Charm Pack by Sandy Gervais that I purchased online from the Fat Quarter Shop. So cheery!

Yes, those are my shoes in this shot. I'm too tired to crop them out tonight.
A closer view of some of the delightful fabrics.
This is my "Flaming Chicken Head" quilting doodle. I use it for fancy stuff.
Some of you asked to see my new earrings with my new haircut. Here's a still shot of my favorite pair:

But I like it when they sparkle and move!

I love shiny earrings that jiggle. I like hair that jiggles, too, so I'm not a big fan of hairspray. I don't like cleaning up after it, and besides, Hawaii laughs at hairspray. Between the tradewinds and humidity, Hawaii is hell on hair. As a matter of fact, I think they should warn people before they visit here. Make it the state motto or something. "Hawaii: The Bad Hair State. Bring Jiggly Earrings to Distract." Yeah. I think that would fit on a license plate, don't you?

Off to stalk...uh...I mean visit Zombie's blog...


Anonymous said...

Love your table runner, very festive.
I'm loving your new DO! and earings.
I must say you look younger now then the photos in your books.
Very trendy momma.....

ladydi said...

You do such beautiful quilting, and I like those fun fabrics, especially the candy cane stripes. The earrings look great. I don't think of myself as a Lisa stalker, just one of a group of friendly admirers, as you are of HZ's.

CONNIE W said...

I'm a HZ fan too. Just bought the new Quilts and More magazine with another of her quilts featured. Hooray, Zombie. Your hairdo looks WAY COOL and with those earrings, even way cooler, Girlfriend. I'd like to try a do like that but I don't know if my baby fine, limp hair would hold up. It tends to flatten as the day progresses. Dang it anyway.

Salem Stitcher said...

Your haircut REALLY looks great! I like your new state motto. North Carolina could use the same motto from May through September, which is why I keep my hair long enough to pull back. How old do you have to be before you can't wear your hair in a pony tail anymore?

Mary Anne said...

I THOUGHT that was Monica's table runner pattern ! (and you're thinking ...yeah sure .... now that I told ya .....) Anyhow, you did a bang up job on yours !!!

.....and the earring are lookin' GOOD with the cute hair!!!

....OK, if Hawaii is the "Bad Hair State" .... what's my excuse here in Pa?

Suzy said...

The table runner is gorgeous! Love the fabric colors. Your new hairdo is gorgeous too! How fun! :o)

Unknown said...

You look absolutely radiant!!! I love your new 'do'!!! Great tablerunner, too!

Anonymous said...

Mutual stalking admiration!!! We were in Seattle all weekend, haven't even finished unpacking - there's more important things to tend to first... checking your blog. And shazam... there you are talking about ME! Doin' my Wayne's World bowing... I'm so not worthy, I'm so not worthy! But oh so honored and tickled to death!!! Heck, had I known about your post... we would have come home sooner!

Love your JJ. Love, love, love it and am in awe of your quilting. Gonna snag it and put it in my gallery. Steal first, ask second. I feel so flattered you did yours like mine. I know exactly what you're doing... you're setting a trap for me. You think I'm going to do a side by side comparison to see if you placed your charms in the same spot as me. Oh yeah, I would fall for that... but I'm still exhausted from counting those 25 french knots.

Your new do is so stinkin' cute. Seriously, seriously cute! I wish my hair could do that too. And I'm so with you on your state motto. It's so true and you just CRACK ME UP!

your dorky stalker,

Tine said...

Love the table runner! It's really cheerful! And the earrings are great, aas is the hair!

Cathi said...

Love the table runner. And your haircut looks super.

jacquie said...

Fab hairdo. Love that Holly Jolly fabric and the table runner. On to more stalking...ooops I mean browsing.

tina said...

Still love the cut, yes ma'am and the earrings are quite cute!

Must admit that I am in the new table runner lust mode and that one has hit me over the head several times lately. Perhaps I should join right in and get on the bandwagon!

Anonymous said...

Your new hair cut is very stunning. I like it.

Carolyn/Silkquilter from