Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Going to Town

I feel the need to get out of the house today. I've had enough of staying home with this flu and I could use a change of scenery and some fresh air. Besides, I heard a rumor about something in town that I want to verify for myself, so we'll head into Lihue and see if it's true, eh? Do you want to go? We could stop by the beach, do a little craft shopping, and even have a some lunch! Great! Grab your hat and towel and let's go!

(It's going to take me three posts to put up all our pictures for this day, so please be patient. Consider it a three-day Hawaiian vacation. Don't worry, just relax, sit back, and I'll do the driving.)

Turning right out of my driveway, did you notice that it's a very nice day for an outing? The temperature is a nice 81 degrees, but the tradewinds are helping to cool things down so it doesn't feel too hot and humid.

Look, there's the Coconut Marketplace on our left. The strip of land here is known as the "Coconut Coast" of Kauai. This was the king's coconut grove at one time and it goes on for a couple of miles. Lots and lots of palm trees and coconuts. It's fun to watch the maintenance guys shinny up those tall skinny palms with their spikey shoes and machetes to cut down all the coconuts and old fronds! Falling coconuts are a real hazard for tourists, so they have to trim them frequently. It sounds funny, but it's true. Don't go walking in a coconut grove if the trees are laden with coconuts. You may not remember the rest of your vacation!

We'll stop at Lydgate park and take a little stroll first by the ocean. Ah...the breezes are wonderful today. We'll return later to relax here after lunch, I promise.

Sorry...I hate to be so mundane, but I have to pick up a few things at Wal Mart. You know, it might be fun for you to see how our WalMart is different from yours! For instance, do you have wild chickens running amok in your WalMart parking lot?

Or how about these beauties all year long? Orchids grow outside here, even in winter. Mine bloom best in February/March and in October/November. They're very hardy plants.

Here's something interesting in the check-out line. I wish you could've heard this guy--he was really putting on a show, dancing and singing. Probably showing off for the roosters.

Does your local Wal Mart have a tourist ware shop? Ours has quite a lot of items for tourists. Not just trinkets, but clothing, beach items, sunscreen, boogie boards, etc. I think probably a full third of our WalMart is dedicated to tourist items.

This aisle is dedicated to your grass skirt, dashboard hula doll, coconut bra, and souvenir gourd needs. You need anything? No? Can't imagine you'd pass on this classy stuff.

How about a lei? These are fake leis--I should've taken a picture of the giant refrigerators with all the fresh flower leis. I forgot, sorry. One thing I've learned--men do NOT like to wear leis, especially Midwestern American men. They rip them off as soon as they are out of sight of the airport. They don't mind the big brown kukui nut kind on the right there--some with shark teeth (plastic) interspersed with black ribbon--those are the more macho manly leis. Just so you know.

Alas. This, my dear friends, is the sum total of the yarn department at our WalMart. Acrylic, acrylic, and more acrylic. Weep for me, my friends, for I suffer greatly. I have been to your yarn departments on the Mainland and have seen with my own eyes your vast wealth of wool, sock yarns, chunky yarns, and blends. Yes, Kauai does have orchids, chickens, and manly-man leis, but you have aisles and aisles of sweet soft woolen fiber to fondle and weave into dreamy socks and sweaters.

Eh...no problem...I can always mail order yarn. I'd miss the chickens. You can't mail order chickens...can you? (If you can, call me first. Have I got some deals for you!)

More field trip tomorrow.

Reminder! Be sure to comment on the post "Hawaiian Rainbow Basket Giveaway" by Saturday March 8th at nine p.m. Hawaiian time to be eligible for the giveaway. One comment per person, please.

And by the way, thanks so much to everyone for all the lovely comments! I'm regretting lately that I don't have the time to respond to every one of them, but I do read each and every one and appreciate your kind words (and humor! Some of you crack me up!) very much. I'm up to getting around 80 emails a day regarding my books, patterns, teaching inquiries, blog, comments, etc. and I'm slowing sinking under it all. I'm not sure what to do about it, since I would love to answer every one...but if I did...I'd have no time to craft and nothing to blog about! Thanks for you patience and understanding if you ask me a question--I'm really trying to get to it. Mahalo Nui Loa to all.


Anonymous said...

You know everyone watching you take pictures in Wal-Mart will think you are visiting. I too have some pictures up of Hawaiian stuff.

Tine said...

You need a secretary..... Hire me ;-)
The commute might be a little overwhelming, though, I live in Copenhagen!

Busy Little Quilter said...

After reading yesterday's post about scrap quilts, I went through my picture files of quilts I have made and turned them black and white just to see if I did okay! lol One of them was gray, but, in this case, the quilt turned out okay in color.

Then I pulled out a controlled scrappy quilt that I am making, divided the blocks into lights, mediums, and darks and realized I had too many mediums and darks and needed more lights. I spent the entire afternoon playing with things! Now I am trying to decide if I could pretend that I didn't read your post, or if I should make more blocks! I'm still thinking. lol

Thanks for the drive around town today. The scenery is beautiful. Your Walmart looks like fun! Does it have a fabric department?

Cathi said...

Thank you for the drive around! It looks so wonderful and was just what I needed to look at. We've had yet more snow here overnight so for a moment or two I felt warm looking at your pictures! :-)

Aline Farmer said...

I was looking for information on quilting and quilt shops on Kauai when I found this site. My girlfriend is a passionate quilter and we are traveling with she and her husband to Kauai for our 30th wedding anniversary trip in late May. I'd love to be considered for the quilt drawing. We may need to find you when we come over . . . thanks for the beautiful pictures of the island!

Rhonda said...

Great photos of the scenery! I've never been to Hawaii, so DH & I are planning to visit next year on our 20th anniversary. We'll be sure to visit WalMart too.

tina said...

Oh sistah----- my eyes water! I sniffle, I get vaclempt! (a definitely non pidgin/Hawaiian word, no?)

I MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even miss the WalMart, always my first stop to stock up the condo.


So, hit the big time (or the big timier?) I'll be your wrangler. I am a good wrangler and I cook and clean too. Really.

Shall I start packing? :)

cinnamongirl93 said...

Aah, You know I love your landscape picture! Thank you for sharing. I just got my mini Hawaiian vacation! I may just be the tourist with the bulls eye on my head! LOL! Thanks for the heads up about that! I will remember that when I visit Hawaii. Thank God for mail order right? I have to mail order too. Not so many yarn stores near me. Have a fun and glorious day in paradise!

Opal said...

Walmarts on the mainland carry wool? NO WAY!

Mary Johnson said...

I took my camera with me on a walk last week - my photos showed a cold snowy Minneapolis day!


After living in Florida for 14+ years I have to say I like having seasons although a trip to a warm climate is always welcome.

Kristin said...

cool walmart! except the lack o'yarn department. . I will have to remember to souvenir shop there when I am in Hawaii next. When we had Japanese exchange students last year, they bought souvenirs at our Wal-mart and the dollar store, too! I enjoy your blog very much and I am excited to be receiving your books soon - I ordered a copy of each a few days ago.

Cathie said...

Wow, I've never seen real wool in a WalMart and I've WalMarted in four states now.... I think someone has sold you a bill of goods, Lisa! Either that, or I have been SERIOUSLY kept out of the loop!

I love that cockatoo on the shopping cart! It made me laugh!

Thank you for the Hawaiian vacation *smiling* and please, don't worry so much about answering the comments---just keep posting! You can always answer here in the comments section yourself if you need to, and we'll just keep reading your posts.

Hope your flu is gone and that you are feeling MUCH better!


Denise (Nour) said...

Another great post..looking forward to the next photo installment!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh yes, we visited that Walmart often while visiting! Not only don't we have roosters in our Walmart parking lot, but we do have piles, and piles and piles of snow! I like yours better!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful orchids! You can have them outside! Poor me trying to keep my orchids alive in the house during our cold winter, but they are blooming here too!

Angie said...

Lisa, your field trip is so much fun. Love seeing the orchids. I just bought one at Traders Joe's here. I've not had much success with growing them, but this time I'm going to try watering with ice cubes. I overheard this idea while picking out my plant. We'll see--
Your Walmart is much more interesting than ours. The scenary is beautiful along your drive to town. Like a mini vacation tour.