Thursday, March 13, 2008

UFO Friday, Mystery Edition

I'm going to be very mysterious about today's UFO. It's a small piece and I just have to finish quilting and binding it, so I think I will wait until my next post to show you the entire quilt. For now, just a peek.

But here's the mystery: where might some of you have seen this same quilt before? Does anyone else's wonderful quilt blog come to mind????

Does it look familiar? Or do you need another clue? Here's a second peek:I've only made two quilts in my entire quilting life that copied the designer's quilt exactly. One was a kit when I was a beginner quilter, and this one, which I fell in love with so much after seeing it on her blog that I just had to possess it. I made it from her pattern, using the same fabrics she did. Ring any bells? Any Christmas-y bells? The game is afoot, Watson! The mystery will be solved on my next post, so stay tuned.

In other sewing news, I finally bought this book which I have been eyeing for some time:

This book is wonderful! It tells you how to design custom-fitted skirts by making your own patterns. Now that I have a little zipper experience under my belt (an unintentional pun, but apt...), I am going to make myself some comfy skirts from my stash. I thought I'd start with this one:
The fabric behind the book is what I'm planning on using for the skirt. I think it's a Kaffe Fassett(?) that someone gifted me (forgive me, I don't know fabric designers), but I love it. It looks like ornamental cabbages growing in wood chips! I love the rick rack on the bottom--I think I can find some jumbo minty green, but I'll have to see what Wal Mart actually has. When you live on a tiny island waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere, sometimes you just have to settle for what's available!

I don't know why I can sew Feathered Stars and Mariner's Compasses without hesitation, but the idea of making an article of clothing freaks me out. I think it's the non-flat factor. My mind works great in two dimensions, but goes all screwy in the third one. Covering a 3-D body with a flat piece of fabric seems impossible to me. We'll see.

A few of you wanted to see the earrings I bought yesterday after my haircut: As you can see, they are BIG and fun. I didn't buy really expensive ones, just in case I was in a "mood" that made me go all crazy over wild giant earrings. Temporary insanity, unfortunately, is sometimes only temporary. But I love them for now! I wore the pair on the far right to breakfast this morning and I felt so pretty and feminine. Some women are shoe people, I'm an earring girl. Nothing like a pretty pair of earrings to make me feel shiny and new.

And some of you were wondering what I was going to do with all those single skeins of yarn:This orange and yellow aspires to be these:

Herringbone Mittens by Eliphantom Knits

Mittens! I want to try two-color knitting, and I want to make mittens! The above are adorable, aren't they? I want to make them in the orange and yellow wool above. You can find the free pattern at Elliphantom Knits.

With this purple and pink, I may make these:

Bird in Hand Mittens, by Kate Gilbert

Or these:

Squirrely Swedish Mittens, a free pattern by Elliphantom Knits

I bought all the yarn in pairs--each color has a partner. I'd like to do a couple of two-stranded hats, too! Gee, I hope I like doing two-color knitting. I guess I was in sort of a "mood" that day...heh heh.

I won't be posting tomorrow as I have another class to teach on Saturday. But that'll also give me time to finish the "Mystery UFO" and it'll give YOU time to figure out where you've seen it before! Mwwaaahhh-ha-ha! Moriarty is in a mood, ladies!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love your new haircut, you make it look good! I don't know whose quilt that is that inspired you, no guesses from here, but the sneak peeks are fun! I just love the fact that you live on Kauai and knit mittens.

Howdy said...

Thank you Lisa for the chuckle this morning! There is just something quite funny about someone who lives on Kauai knitting socks and mittens. I can just picture you with your cozy socks, wooly mittens, snuggly hat standing there under a palm tree in shorts... LOL
Hmmm not sure about the quilt...

Sharon said...

The new haircut looks great and the earrings will work with it a treat.
It takes me a while to translate what you're saying in your blog. You know what they say about divided by a common language. Here in the UK we don't have hot flashes but hot flushes!!!!! And older arms are known as 'bingo wings'
Thanks for making me laugh, and I do wonder how you knit when it's hot weather.

susan said...

hair looks good...i have always sewn clothes but never reallly designed anything...well, okay, trunks and walk shorts but guys are so flat, no real curves. you will do feah

Mar said...

Uh duh, that would Happy Zombie! No mystery there, I love that!

floribunda said...

yeah, I did one of those "mysteries" too -- and like you, it was pretty much the first time I had followed a pattern with exactly the same fabric as the designer used! Aren't you a little bit late for "Holly Jolly" though?

Anonymous said...

Lisa, last night my read before I sleep was a Fons & Porter LOQ. Old issue J/F 07, I had just found in a stash of papers/books. Here's an ad of Good Books and I see one "Called That Dorky Homemade Look". I thought wait a minute...isn't that a blog I ran across this week? (I'm new to quilting and blogging) Anyway I like your stuff. What do you do with your mittens? LOL

Rhonda said...

Well, I'm clueless on the designer of your UFO quilt. Love your new earrings! Earrings are about the only things that I wear too. Ha ha... that sounds funny! I meant the only jewerly that I wear other than the wedding ring.
Can't wait to see your new skirts.

Busy Little Quilter said...

It's Monica's (Happy Zombie)quilt! Isn't it adorable? I didn't make it, but I do love mysteries.

Anonymous said...

No! I have no idea, I don't get around enough quilting blogs. Can't wait to see it though.
Love those skirts. Wish they suited me. Maybe one day I'll find one that suits me. I think it has to do with shoes too.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Hmmmmm, Mittens in paradise? Cool! Please post lots of pictures when you finish them. I want to see you wear them to the grocery store! Or how about the nice lady who sells fruit in her garage. I want to see your mitted hand paying for your purchase! Then a close up of the nice fruit lady's face! LOL! Just kidding. I do think the yarn you chose will work well for those projects. Keep me posted on the skirts. It looks like an interesting book. I also am kind of into big earring's these days. Have fun wearing them! BTW, I have no idea about the UFO.

Acornbud said...

Great projects. It can get cold on Kauai, heh.
I love the new 'do. Perky is cool:)

Cathie said...

Awwww, mittens! That is a very cool use of those skeins! *well, okay, no pun intended lol*

I like UFO Friday. This is fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Why not design Kauaian mittens pattern!? I like all kind of mittens and have knitted them since I was at primary school. Mittens as wollen hats are "IN" now and young people like to wear them.

Angie said...

Love your new haircut and the earrings are going to be just perfect with the new cut! I know you love to knit those beautiful socks! But--question: what do you do with mittens (or wool socks) in Hawaii? Do you come skiing or visiting to the cold winters here stateside often? You could have put those to good use this a.m. here in Sonoma County, it's 36 degrees! and I have the fireplace going. Just curious.

qusic said...

some latvian mittens are in my queue too though it's getting warmer every day. the sneak peek of your UFO let me think of some xmas fun tablerunner I saw at our friend HZ aka Monica.
These shell earrings are great, dangling softly in the tradewinds? perfect to your new hairdo!

The Calico Cat said...

I don't know why I can sew Feathered Stars and Mariner's Compasses without hesitation, but the idea of making an article of clothing freaks me out. I think it's the non-flat factor. My mind works great in two dimensions, but goes all screwy in the third one. Covering a 3-D body with a flat piece of fabric seems impossible to me. We'll see.

DITTO - I have been wanting/waiting to make a pair of lounge pants since forever!

Is that the Happy Zombie table runner?

ladydi said...

I'm the opposite. I've made wedding dresses, men's three piece suits, dress shirts, even upholstered furniture, but I'm intimidated by large quilting projects. I've gotten some great inspiration from you, Lisa, and I may tackle something bigger than a baby quilt yet! My "sewing room" is actually a corner of the dining room, and doesn't leave much room for large projects.

I love the mittens and had no idea about the quilt, but others have pointed out the Happy Zombie connection.

An unrelated topic - may I inquire about the price of gas on your island? I just paid $3.40 per gallon - it cost $20 for half a tank. AAK. It is a full dollar per gallon more than last year at this time.

I'd love to see posts of your classes in action! That must be so much fun.

Kellie said...

Awesome new haircut & earrings!

I have that book. Love it! Have I made a skirt from it yet? Nope. BUT I plan to...this Spring perhaps. My favorite is the one made from a vintage tablecloth. Looking forward to seeing how your skirt turns out. Good luck with it!