Thursday, February 7, 2008

Upside-Down Pillowcase Day

I sewed today! I made three of these pillowcase grocery bags from a set of matching thrifted pillowcases I bought yesterday. I made them using this outstandingly wonderful tutorial by Creative Kismet: pillowcase tote. I made no modifications to the pattern; her instructions are excellent and she was very, very kind to take the time to write her fabulous tutorials.

The more visually discerning viewer may notice that the bows flowing off the flower bouquets are defying gravity, fluttering upwards in a freak updraft. The floral swags seem a little confused too--perhaps they're aspiring to be floral arches. I guess I should've looked at the fabric more closely before I made all three like this, but...oh well, no one will notice.

I can't wait to go grocery shopping with them! They are doubled fabric, so they are much sturdier than they look. They also have a nice box pleat bottom, so they are plenty roomy. Plus, they're soft and they smell like my own laundry and I love them. As Happy Zombie Monica puts it, "I feel 10 feet tall when I walk into my Safeway armed with my own bags!" I understand completely. I feel like I grew a couple of inches already!

A Fifi update. As you recall in my last post, I was concerned about my tiny ceramic poodle, Fifi. He lost his partner in a thrift store mishap, and I asked for your assistance in trying to discover what/who his lost partner could be. Alas, no one had any ideas, so I looked through my own personal box of knick knacks (I have only one box of knick knacks--I told you I was a minimalist...) and came up with a temporary substitute:

Fifi is not pleased.

Yes, it's a teeny-tiny 1953 General Electric "Swivel-Top-Cleaner" vacuum cleaner. It's the only knick-knack I own that is small enough to go with Fifi; everything else dwarfs him. Unfortunately, Fifi does not look overjoyed by this substitution for his beloved jug. I can't imagine why, since I totally adore vacuum cleaners! I really do--I own five of them. Next to the sewing machine, I think vacuum cleaners are one of the best household inventions ever. (Last year, we bought this bad boy: The Dyson Animal. Whoa. What a man. Unbelieveable. But I digress. Back to Fifi.)

Perhaps Fifi would be happier with the vacuum cleaner if he took a closer look!

Fifi is intrigued...

Ah ha! What's this?? A teeny-tiny sewing kit...IN the vacuum cleaner???

Yes! It's a vacuum cleaner sewing kit, complete with sewing threads of various colors for repairs, a thimble, and a couple of rusty vintage 1953 needles. Oh...and an advertisement extolling the virtues of the REAL vacuum cleaner, which does not have any thread in it at all until you vacuum your sewing room.

Alas, poor Fifi. A thread-filled vacuum cleaner is no substitute for a mate, I always say. Although...since I own five full-sized thread-filled vacuum cleaners, I'm not sure my husband believes me.

There is someone in my household that doesn't like vacuum cleaners very much at all: Mr. Bigglesworth, who slept through the whole upside down pillowcase adventures of the day. Good night, sweet kitty.


Jenna said...

I think Fifi wasn't dancing, she was playing the bongos.

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with Fifi!!! Maybe Fifi isn't overjoyed because your darling vacuum sucked up scooby snack crumbs? Though I imagine Fifi much prefers pâté and champagne.

Guess what Lisa... I have a surprise for you!

Dawn said...

Hmmmmm...maybe somebody should do... oh, I don't know...a giveaway...say, of that very cute pillowcase shopping tote??!

Mokihana said...

Love the pillowcase bags! I think I may have to make a trip over to GOodwill wikiwiki!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Great picture of Mr.Biggelsworth! I have never seen a vacuum like that! The shopping bag turned out great. I have to scold you for corrupting me with other projects!!!LOL! I can see a whole sea of shopping bags...Bag's when you feel funky. Holiday bags. Elegant bags. Generic bags. Patchwork bags......better stop right now!LOL!!! Thanks for the idea's!

Anna said...

Those tote bags are cute! Do you find that the handles are sort of short though? I have several canvas bags that I take with me to the grocery store and I like that the handles are long enough to throw over my shoulder. Just curious. What a great idea though!

Anonymous said...

You made my morning! I was very intrigued by this project when I saw it in February, and finally took some time to make a couple of totebags myself. I'm thrilled with the way they came out! I posted pics on my blog today if you'd like a look.

I made a few alterations to the tutorial at Creative Kismet - for example - cutting into the stitching at the bottom of the pillowcase for the turning hole, so the contrasting pillow case cuff could be on the outside/bottom of the pink totebag. Love this project!