Sunday, February 10, 2008

Non-Brilliant Post with Pig

Today's post will be a non-brilliant one because I have a large shop order of patterns to print, fold, stuff and tie little bows onto. I think I'll show you a picture of the quilt I've been working on for years now:
That's my pvc floor frame that I love so much! I used to quilt in a lap frame, but this quilt was too cumbersome to manipulate. I had never used a floor frame before, so I had to teach myself to quilt in all directions. I finally got it--but I have to use 3 thimbles to do it. I still have a little trouble quilting towards the right; it doesn't look as good as the other directions, but that's okay. No one will notice.

The above picture was taken over a year ago, but I'm still working on the same quilt. I've got two of the borders almost done, so it won't be long now. I'm not rushing this quilt; I remember appliqueing some of those blocks in the hurricane shelter at the Princeville hotel during Hurricane Iniki (a category 4 storm) in 1992! Ah, what a night. The roof collapsed above us when the automatic sprinkler system broke during the hurricane, and 150 tons of water and ceiling came crashing down upon our heads. I had to scramble in the pitch black with water pouring down around me, slipping and sliding in the mass panic to collect all my blocks! We were evacuated to a new shelter during the eye of the storm, which was pretty scary--because we knew that at any moment, the winds would pick up full force as the eye wall came upon us. Our own house survived intact, but ours was the only one on the block that kept its roof. Terrible thing.

Wow...I didn't mean to get started on that, but I guess this quilt stores a few memories. Here's the whole thing displayed in a picture that was taken probably five years ago:
You can see how big it is! Large queen, I think. I got all the blocks out of the old book, 100 Applique Quilt Patterns by Jan Halgrimson (probably out of print). I designed the border myself from some of the motifs in the book. Lots of flowers and butterflies, with quilted-in rabbits jumping about between the vines.

Now, a change in topic. This is my mailbox. See the good karma light from above shining down upon it? Soon, my mailbox will contain something wonderful. Do you want to know what it is? Maybe I should keep it a secret. Nah...I have to tell you because I am sooooo excited. I WON something! Something really, really great. I won a blog drawing at Happy Zombie and this is what I won!! (No, I didn't win the pig on the word "this" to see what I won....)

Fabulous Kiwi Girl picked ME to win this beautiful needlecase by the wonderful and amazing Monica, who I just adore and want to come live at her house and see her amazing studio and pet Mimi, who has lots of adventures. If you haven't visited Happy Zombie's blog yet, you definitely should because she posted a free pattern for this wonderful needlecase! Which of course, I don't have to print out because pretty soon, an already-made one will be in my mailbox!!! Whoooo hooo!

So I know today is Sunday and the mail doesn't come today, but I'm starting the mailbox vigil today anyway. We'll walk down to the mailbox every day and you can be with me when it gets here, okay??

Today, before we head back to the house, we'll stop and say hi to the pig who lives across the street and is helping me watch for the postman. Hi, Pig!
He says hi back. Okay...back to pattern-stuffing....


Unknown said...

That is such a beautiful quilt! Don't you just love hand quilting!

Sally said...

Wow! That is truly a lovely quilt. While I'm more a piecer than and applique-er, more a send-it-to-the-quilter than a handquilter, I can truly appreciate all the work you've put into that quilt. It's quite an undertaking! Love the pig!

SuBee said...

Wow - quilts'n'pigs, my favorite subjects - it doesn't get any better! I love your wonderful "history" quilt, the label is going to have to be 2 full pages to tell it's story. There's an heirloom quilt in all of us I think, but not too many actually do it and stick with it.
Oh the pig? I want one so bad!! My DH is retired law enforcement, and I want a pig named "Officer". Somehow, not on hunnys' radar, lol!

Arlette said...

I have recently discovered your blog and what a jewel it is. I love your quilts and look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing more of your work. I don't blame you for associating your quilt with Iniki. It sounds like you went through alot in that storm. I remember it too and boy was it a booger. Just wanted to say hello and wish you many happy hours of quilting in your beautiful sewing room.
By the way, your neighbor is way cute. Hope he's a pet and doesn't find himself in the human food chain. LOL

Dawn said...

Your quilt is....well, it takes my breath away! As does the story surrounding the quilt. And what a cool, hodge-podge of sights to see on your walk to the mailbox!

CONNIE W said...

Beautiful quilt! It has lessened the guilt I have over a WIP that was supposed to be my Millennium quilt and it's now 2008 and IT'S STILL NOT FINISHED! ARGGGHHHH! I quit working on it because I don't like doing the blanket stitch with Perle Cotton although that's what I thought I wanted. I don't know what I'm going to do with it but probably will pick out all that I've stitched so far and just slap it on the longarm and go for it. Someday. Another arghhh.
Congrats on winning on Happy Zombie's blog. I heart Zombie!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I thought I was the only person in the world with UFO's! LOL! Very pretty applique quilt. You have a lot of history with that quilt. Glad to see your almost finished. Have fun waiting for your prize to arrive! Happy quilting, sewing, knitting and oh yes....dieting!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hi Lisa, your quilt is beautiful. I can see why it will take you forever to hand quilt it. But it will be even better once your finished.
Isn't that Happy Zombie just the best?? She's awesome!!!! And congrats on your win over at her blog.

Anonymous said...

That quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I'm with Connie on it lessing the guilt of unfinished quilts. The curse of the hand quilter, eh.

I love the piggie wiggie! I'd love to him on my way to the bill-box everyday! Sent out the strawberry on Friday, but I did catch a quick glimpse of the mail-lady going into a back room and trying to stuff herself into the envelope. And you make me blush BTW. And that Sharon too. :o)

Elaine Adair said...

Your quilt is stunning - so fresh, and bright and cheerful. Congratulations on sticking with this humongous project BY HAND!

Love the pig!

Karen said...

Very pretty applique quilt. I did a search for Jan Halgrimson's quilt designs as I am thinking of purchasing the book you used for your quilt. Just wondering what kind of designs are in it.