Saturday, February 2, 2008

Recycled Picture Day

Ahhh...evening. My favorite time. So nice and cool. It's been a busy day, but I don't have much to show you because I left my camera in my car and I'm too...uh..."settled" (lazy) to go down and get it. So I'll pull some pictures from my archive. The above picture was taken at the grounds of the Kauai Marriott down in Nawiliwili harbor. It's a spectacular hotel--we have a few of those here. The Kauai Marriott boasts the largest swimming pool in the state, which is really something to see! I'll show you the pool another day. For now, we'll look at the Marriott lake at dusk and I'll send some warm tropical thoughts your way. Feeling it? Good.

While we're on the topic of tropical thoughts, let's talk about pincushions. (What? You don't think about pincushions while you're thinking about Hawaii? I do. Sometimes. Other times, I think about Jello or goats. But then, I do all my thinking in Hawaii.)

I can do an amazing trick with my pincushions! I can make the same exact three different colorways...making only one pincushion! You want to see?

Amazing, eh? Okay, those of you who have Photoshop are not impressed. But those of you who don't, aren't I amazing?? You should have Photoshop. You can unwrinkle yourself, change the colors of your pincushions or quilts, straighten wonky quilts, correct lighting...and a million other things that I don't know about yet because I'm still reading the manual. I have the "lite" version of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements. It doesn't come with a book, but you definitely need a book to discover all the amazing things it can do. I just got a manual from the public library and learned about the "hue" button, which is how I changed my pincushion to all those different colors. By the way, which pincushion do you think is the real colorway? (Hint: the pins are probably the giveaway clue...)

The real color is the middle pincushion, the 70's orange/green combo. I made the pincushion from an old patchwork dustruffle I found at the thrift store in the mid-nineties. I seamripped the entire twin dustruffle a few years ago and I've been using the 5" squares in various projects for years now.

The tutorial for the pincushion can be found on this wonderful blog: Creative Kismet

And I'm going to recycle this picture from my old blog to show again because I made one of those very same pincushions for this sewing set I made as a Christmas gift:

I love this set. The pincushions have little beads sewn all the way around it--which probably isn't very practical, but it was fun to do. And yes, this is the real color of this set. You can tell by my hand, which is European-heritage-white. But believe it or not, Photoshop even has a button to give yourself a tan! Which I could use. I hardly look like I live here.

Have a wonderful evening...or morning...or whatever time it is where you are!


Sally said...

Now that is something else! I have Photoshop Elements, too, but have never learned to use it. Actually, learning to use it would take up some valuable quilting and knitting time, and I'm a bit selfish about my knitting and quilting time. But I've been hearing a lot about photo manipulation using PE and might have to take some time once Sock Wars is done with! Thanks for sharing all the warm thoughts and pictures...I'm getting quite toasty now.

Jenna said...

Hi! I just checked out you blog for the first time. So many cute things! I love your hula hut quilt. I've been wanting to try a house quilt for awhile. You do look like Reba and I can see Oliva Newton John also.

cinnamongirl93 said...

I just love the pincushions! I'm going to have to check out the link you posted. You are such an enabler! I too have Photoshop and I never have used it. Your doing some really nice manipulations with it! Kind of like coloring right?
You must really be sending those warm's 43 degrees here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I just cut 8 pincushions and will cut more another day. By the way, I´ve also made tens of doilies earlier, but haven´t just now time for them.
So beautiful views you have there! We´ve got more snow again and the weather is getting colder. It doesn´t matter, because I go to SAUNA now!

Regina said...

Wow! Your pincushions are gorgeous! Are those little beads around the edge? I love that!

Mary Anne said...

Hi Lisa! what a cute pincushion (and I'm pretty sure my best friend had that dust ruffle in her bedroom.....those colors look familiar)...... and being technically challenged in every possible way, I'm amazed about that Photoshop thing .... and I can see where that would definately come in handy in making my quilts AND my crow's feet/hair look much better.....

Anyhow, I'm so glad you left your warm, sunny blog to come for a visit to my cold, snowy blog .... and the best part is you didn't have to put on your snowpants and boots to do it! Come again soon!

Anonymous said...

Your pincushions are delightful! I have been toying with the idea of getting Photoshop but now I know I really want it. I love your blog, so creative.

Anonymous said...

I have Photoshop (my favorite toy besides my Elna)... and I'm impressed! Wish I could I could change some quilts I've made with a little slide of the saturation bar like that. Love the pics Lisa - too fun!