Monday, February 4, 2008

And I Didn't Have to Cook all Day!

We had a nice outing yesterday. It was a little rainy in the mid-morning, so we decided to start off with coffee from one of our favorite coffee houses in Kapaa Town:
Then we went to Lihue to see a matinee of Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp....ahem...need I say more?) and then to Borders to hang out for a while. I like to camp out in the sewing/knitting/crocheting/quilting aisle, while Clayton wanders the woodworking section. And the music section. And the art section and the physics section and the magazine section. Which makes him difficult to find when it's time to go. I bought a 365 page knitting calendar (for $1! Score!) and we headed home.

By this time, there was some distant rumblings of thunder. But we still had time before the storm rolled in to stop at for our favorite fish dinner at the Coconut Marketplace.
Fish Hut. Best fish on the island; perhaps the best fish EVER. They have fresh ahi, ono and mahi every day and they grill it in lemon pepper and salt and serve it on a paper plate with cole slaw and french fries or two scoops of rice. (Two scoops of rice is served with EVERYTHING in Hawaii, even at breakfast.) We shared a dinner plate of ono, and had enough for both of us, plus some leftover ono for Mr. Bigglesworth.

Fish Hut, besides having great fish, serves a shave ice (what we used to call a "snow cone" on the Mainland) that is bigger than your head. You have a few choice of flavors here, including Bug Juice and Blue Eagle (whatever that is). You can get a scoop of ice cream in the bottom, and also top it with a variety of items. Click on the picture and read some of the flavors--amazing.

We took a little walk around the Marketplace after dinner. And I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you missed the sale on these:

Gee...too bad because you could've had TWO Hawaiian flame shirts for the price of one. You could've looked like you were on fire in blue, red, yellow or pink. But alas, no flames for you.
After dinner, we went home and watched "Thank You for Not Smoking" which we both thought was pretty hilarious. A true lesson in diplomacy, tact and morals. During the movie, I worked on my mitten:

while the rain moved in. By bedtime, we had a beautiful storm going with lots of thunder and lightning. I ended the day in front of my computer trying to compose today's post--but the electricity went out before I could get started. I navigated downstairs in the dark, lit some candles, and finished off the day reading in bed by candlelight.

Our electricity here on Kauai is very undependable; it goes off at least once every two weeks, so we stay prepared with flashlights in just about every drawer. We gave up re-setting all the various equipment with digital clocks in them long ago--it's too big of a job to re-set your answering machine, oven, microwave, electric clocks, television sets, etc., every time the electricity goes off--so our house is filled with blinking appliances wanting their times re-set. Annoying. Battery-operated clocks are the way to go here.

Not much crafting to report yesterday; but it was a lovely day off. (Heh heh...a "day off" from crafting...I'm such a lucky woman!)


Sally said...

Those pictures are just beautiful! Gray and cloudy today here in Southwest Missouri...I love the Pacific climate! Not a fish girl, but I'd eat all the rice! Sock is in the final stages...heel done, gusset almost mail surprises today, nor FedEx, nor for another day, unless my Assassin is local. Keep good thoughts.

cinnamongirl93 said...

What a glorious post! It sounds like a perfect day in paradise! I read your post on my BB and could almost taste the snow cones!I'm sure I would even love fish if it was served in Hawaii! I'd even eat my fish with one of those flame shirts on!LOL! What a sight that would be! The mittens are looking great! Do you magic loop all knitting in the round projects?
BTW Illinois weather update for you... 4" of snow last night. Rain all day today and big snowstorm tomorrow night. I just might get my prayers answered with 12"!!!!
Chili for dinner here!!!LOL!!!!

Acornbud said...

What a lovely day you had. I love your pincushions. I went through a pincushion "phase" but never photographed them:(