Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seven Random Things

I got tagged by two people this week to do a "Seven Random Things About Me" post. I love reading these lists when other people write them, so I will try to come up with seven random things about me that might be in the least bit interesting. It's more difficult than you might imagine! But here goes:

1. My ancestor came to America from England as a sixteen-year-old boy in 1675 aboard a passenger ship called "The Encrease." His mother, who was a seamstress, stayed behind in London. The other part of my ancestral tree was already there to meet him. I am English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cherokee and Osage. My great Grandmother was a full-blood Cherokee. She and her brother were orphaned during the Trail of Tears and taken in by an Arkansas family. I'm also a direct descendant of former presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Do I look like a Native American? No. Do I look like John Adams? I surely hope not.

My great-great grandmother Evaline (not the Cherokee.) She was a midwife-physician.

2. I was second runner-up in the Miss Teenage America Orange County Pageant. After the pageant, one of the judges approached my mother and I told us that I might have placed higher if I hadn't been "so well-developed." She eyed my chest as she spoke. Apparently, I wasn't respectable enough to be Miss Teenage America! I was only fifteen; I don't think she knew that a comment like that would stick with me my whole life! I'm still embarrassed by the size of my chest. I have to take twenty pictures of myself to find one where I don't think I look obscene in it. In my books, I've discussed my dislike of beauty pageants, contests and judging. Now you know why.

3. I'm an Anglophile. I love all things English (especially on Masterpiece Theater!) and would love to visit England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland someday. Too bad I don't love airplanes so much. I'm waiting until they perfect that "beaming" thing they do on Star Trek. It shouldn't be too much longer.

A half-time Pink Kitty quilt break.

4. I detest...I repeat DETEST...the telephone. I would gladly do without one if I could. I don't even answer the phone; I have an answering machine. Even then, I don't return calls because I dread using the phone. I just can't understand disembodied voices! I have to see people in order to listen them. I have a hard time making sense of a string of words without seeing facial expressions and moving lips. My friends know to email me.

5. I also think I don't like the telephone because I'm not a talker. I never have been. I find it very difficult to say anything unless I've had a big dose of caffeine. If I go to a party, lecture, or teach a class, I have to load up on coffee or diet coke in order to be able to talk! I'm definitely an introvert. Unless I have to speak to an auditorium of four hundred people (which I have)--then I cannot be an introvert. Or a non-talker. That would be bad. To get through it, I pretend I'm an extrovert. So far, it's worked. Only you know the truth.

This day required extra caffeine.

6. I'm a very non-picky eater. I love everything, especially vegetables. I love the spicy, weird, and exotic. I'll try any food and probably love it. The only food that's borderline for me is plain eggs. Eggs sort of gross me out--especially restaurant eggs. What IS that runny stuff that oozes out of them?

7. I have a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, with minors in Psychology and Chemistry from San Diego State University. I worked as a Clinical Lab Scientist before I had my son in 1987, then became a stay-at-home mom. Having a degree in microbiology has one drawback: potlucks gross me out. If the health inspector has not inspected your kitchen, then I'm sorry, I cannot eat your potato salad without my gag reflex kicking in. Sorry, my imagination is not under my control. I've seen too much.

There it is! Yay! I did it!

Today, all I accomplished was a trip to the post office and some email. I say "some" because there are over 600 messages in my inbox--not including spam! But tomorrow, I am going to start quilting my "Kisses" quilt, no matter what. Pictures of quilts are possible tomorrow, so come back. Less talk, more quilting pictures. I promise.


qusic said...

I loved your list,think we both have to push this beaming thing, much would be less difficult, besides if I could choose from the STcharacters I 'd rather be Jadzia(Dax), Deanna(Troy) or Beverly( Crusher) or sometimes a wild Clingon woman but I lack that accent.

Cathie said...

600 emails, oh my word!! That's huge and kinda scary, eh?

Surely the only possible answer is quilting. Once you have found your center again through the magic of cotton fumes, surely everything will shrink to its proper perspective--even an overflowing inbox will seem do-able after you are sufficiently "fumed" right?

I keep telling Gryph this is not my fault. Once you cut a fat quarter open, the fumes get you. And in my case, well, the first whiff of cotton fumes PLUS ten-year-delayed-gratification fumes... well, we all know I was a goner, lol... I almost couldn't sleep last night for thinking and planning about those blouses that I've carted around almost as long as the fat quarters. To have a use again for my all-time favorite shirts really makes me happy!

Um *nervous look* are polyester fumes as potent as cotton fumes? It took me two days to put the household to rights after my first "fuming"... *wink*

Unknown said...

well, I was suprised to find out that you are so introverted. You write so well! I have become less fond of the phone as I get older and I do love email!!!
Interested to see your kisses quilt!

Anonymous said...

" Today I don´t send you flowers or chocolate, but I only want to say: it is so lovely that YOU EXIST!"

Teresa said...

You'd love Wales Lisa - but not if you dont like rain. You dont mind rain do you? We do get quite a bit of it here.
We also have lots of beautiful countryside, castles, singing etc too!

SuBee said...

I have to send this link to all my friends - they think I'm BIZARRE because I detest/avoid/ignore phones! I don't know too many phonaphobes, but obviously we're the ones who are OK; right???
600 e-mails?? Do they all require some action on your part? Tell'em to talk to the machine -- LOL!!!

Salem Stitcher said...

The introverted/extroverted characteristic is something we have in common. The "real" me is introverted. The "me" that has to get in front of an audience is extroverted and very talkative. Make them laugh and they won't eat you's a public speaking survival instinct.

Okay...what is the green stuff on the ice cream?

cinnamongirl93 said...

I can relate to the phone thing. I'm on the phone all day at the office. That's enough for me cause I'm not big on talking either.
Oh boy, 600 e-mails. My prayers are with you! I guess the silver lining in that is at least it's not phone calls! LOL!
P.S. Still sugar are flour free!!!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Exactly what IS that green sundae?

Kristin said...

Fabulous list! I am right there with you on the phone thing and the eggs. I had full blown egg-o-phobia until 1990 when my doctor said I needed to eat one a day while I was pregnant to get folic acid (I thought my husband probably paid him to say that!). Even now, I can only eat very well scrambled eggs with lots o' hot sauce, or omelets full of other stuff, and I am still quite freaked out by runny or buffet eggs, or worst of all, sunny side up. Any hoo, great fun getting to know these fun facts about you (and your ancestors, too!) (and thanks for the comments you left for me the other day). Have fun quilting tomorrow.

The Calico Cat said...

How fun!
A. I LOURVE that pink kitty quilt - I may have mentioned that previously on flickr (aviva_hadas)
B.Ditto #4 & #5.
C. Isn't #6 & #7 almost a direct contradiction?

CONNIE W said...

Having been a telephone operator from the 60's-70's, I got my fill of talking on phones and avoid it when possible, & I understand your dislike and I too don't use the phone unless absolutely necessary.

Your home built longarm looks fab. Kudos to your hubs.

Anonymous said...

I detest the phone. So much so, I've been answering machine free for about 5 years now. I hate, absolutely HATE talking on the phone. When I get a call my response is, "so, what's up?". That's my code for saying I want to get the eff off this thing - please get to the point. My cell phone company is always trying to sell me more minutes - which is hard to imagine with my average of 3 minutes a month.

Love your meme and learning more about you (btw, ditto on the boobs thing). Had a chuckle at your half-time intermission - and not one wardrobe malfunction!

Please do a read-n-delete for any email you have from me, k. Liberate your inbox! :o)

Nettie said...

What a great list. Thanks for explaining the phone thing. I have a sister like that and it's hard to understand, since i'm the opposite. So love the little pink kitty quilt.