Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hawaiian Vacay, Day Three

Whaaa??? Did I doze off, sitting on the porch in the warm sun? Where the....oh yes...we're in Koloa Town, aren't we? Let's continue our walk.
Of course, I have to show you a chicken picture so you'll know it's a genuine Lisa Boyer Kauai tour:
Yep. It's a chicken. Walking into a restaurant--and waiting to be "seeded." Ha! A little chicken humor for you. Actually, that's a pretty brave little hen--they serve chicken here!

A peek inside. This is Tomkat's Grill and I love their indoorsy/outdoorsy feel. (Just don't order the chicken because it may be a friend of mine, okay? Thanks.)

The large monkeypod trees are what gives Koloa its distinctive look. These trees are old and seriously BIG. Tragically, a developer cut down many of them last year to put in some sort of building development. As you can imagine, there was a huge public outcry. It makes me sad to think about it. Fortunately, they left a number of them for us to enjoy.

One of my favorite things in Koloa town are these kitschy grocery store signs:

They're so cute! What do you think, fifties or sixties vintage? I love them.

These wonderful signs are in the front windows of Sueoka's grocery store. The stone building is very cool.

We'll run in and get some ice cold drinks. It's about 75 degrees now and very comfortable outside.

Koloa was the site of the first first sugar plantation in the Hawaiian Islands. King Kamehameha III leased the land to Duncan McBryde in 1835 for his sugar operation. Many of these buildings are original plantation buildings.

We pass over a bridge on our way to the rest of the town. See how red our dirt is? You have to use rust remover to get red dirt stains out of your clothing.

The Koloa History Center. A tiny little museum, but there is an old sewing machine in it!

Continuing down the street and around the corner, there are lots of shops and shave ice stands. Oh look! Bikinis upstairs.

Should I try on a bikini? Hmmm....let's ask Uncle Kimo.

Looks like the thought of me in a bikini turned Uncle Kimo to stone. Harumph! Poor Uncle Kimo. He could use a bath. And an eyeball. (Do I look disgusted?) At least his dog loves him.

On my next post, we leave Koloa and head for Poipu. Uncle Kimo stays behind.

On our way to Poipu!

P.S. To all our Australian friends, our sincerest heartfelt sympathies for your terrible tragedy. To all the friends of our Aussie friends, please visit my sidebar where you will find a link to the Australian Red Cross. The Red Cross was so very good to us after Hurricane Iniki in 1992! I was able to see first hand all the good that this wonderful organization does in this kind of situation. Any donation, even a small one, helps. Mahalo Nui Loa.


MichelleB said...

More lovely pictures! Please tell me that we're going to get a Puka dog in Poipu. I mean, as long as we're going there . . . Yummy.

floribunda said...

I was hoping for a photo of Puhaku T's -- my favorite t-shirt shop! I've worn several of them to shreds...

Grayson said...

It's neat to see all of these familiar places in your blog. Everything always looks so extremely vibrant and... tropical in your photographs. Like a rainbow shave ice for the eyes.

Cathi said...

What wonderful pictures. Those grocery store signs are fabulous! The photos are a definite treat on a gray February day. Thank you!

Salem Stitcher said...

Uncle Kimo is kinda frightening. Maybe an eye patch would help him out. I love the grocery store signs. Very cool.

The Calico Cat said...

I love the kitchy signs.

Jodi Nelson said...

I just love the little field trips you take us on! ooxx`jodi

Libby said...

Those grocery store signs are the best . . . . vintage in every way. Thanks for taking us on the tour - can't wait for the next installment.

Dionne said...

Yahoo! I'm loving this little vacay! It's really getting me ready for my own little trip to Kona next week.
PS - Thanks for the info regarding shops on the big island!

susan said... make me so homesick! uncle kimo is scary, wonder what happened to that eye of his and you think they would fix him up. they cut the trees on the post office side, right? i remember rumbelings about that development before we left. just what kauai needs, more buildings, and are they vacant at this time of not so good? what has happened to cynthia. i called her and she said she would get back to blogging but nadda...i miss reading about her too.

Dianne said...

Thank you Lisa for your tour-a-long, these places are now on my "must visit one day" list. Love that the chooks (chickens) can just wander about. Also, think you for thinking of our fellow Aussies in Victoria who have suffered great loss in the bush fires. We are all digging deep for them.

ladydi said...

Liissaa. . . I love traveling with you, but I really really want to see more of the quilt you gave us a glimpse of last post. I do adore those bright colors surrounded by white.

Kellie said...

Another great outing! I'm in love w/the grocery store signs! Uncle Kimo, not so much!

I'd give anything to be sharing that warm weather and sunshine!

Pat said...

I am enjoying your vacation/road trip photos. I was in Hawaii once (Oahu) when DH was on R & R during his "tour" of Vietnam. (Odd how the military refers to such things as tours when they really were NOT pleasant at all...not anything like YOUR tours.) Anyway.....I didn't get to see any of the other islands, so I love this tour you are giving. I'd be in a pickle, though, about seafood as I don't really like it. AND.....I could never wear a bikini anymore, either. LOL with the tour!!!

Anonymous said...

I love to see pictures from your trips! I´m still waiting to see the chicken quilt designed by you!!! LOL!

Mary Anne Drury said...

Well, I can't thank you enough for this lovely vacation !!! I DEFINATELY needed one!!
....and I have to say, that is one brave chicken!
...and you're one brave girl to be sitting next to that 1-eyed seedy looking character!!

....and, stop by my blog because I'm having a Valentine Giveaway tomorrow!

Betty J in OKC said...

My 'puter name is: O2bquiltn2. I live in a 'burb of OKC. I'm wasting time on my extremely long list of blogs that are updated, but not read daily. I'd be *THRILLED* to win your Hawaiian fabrics. I'm going to make a Hawaiian quilt in the near future.