Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sue's House, Part Two

So sorry to leave you at Sue's house for so long! But really, there are worse places to be stuck for a week, aren't there? Like being stuck in your office working on taxes for your appointment with your accountant?

Like being stuck tying 362,098 little *&^% bows on a mountain of pattern orders?

Like being stuck with a king-sized quilt on your frame that no matter WHAT thread, tension, batting, needle size, silicone goo, tautness, and a thousand other variables that believe me, I've tried, keeps breaking your &^%$# quilting thread every two feet of sewing??

Like being stuck nursing a very torn-up kitty that got in a terrible fight a few nights ago and whose face is swollen twice it's normal size from an abcess? Like trying to administer pink amoxicillin to said kitty and subsequently having to wash pink spray off everything within a four foot radius of said kitty?

I digress. I also am using a lot of symbol keys, which is never a good sign of my mood.

On the other hand, I'm happy and in a VERY good mood because my new "Postcards from Hawaii" quilt pattern is selling like hot poi cakes! I've been so busy making and delivering patterns that I can't even get the new pattern posted on my website. Besides, my fingers are very sore from tying bows (Why oh why oh why did I ever think those bows were cute?)

And on yet another hand, I'm nervous because we've spent all morning under a tsunami watch because of a 7.9 earthquake somewhere out in the Pacific ocean. Nothing puts things into perspective like waiting to be washed out to sea--taxes, sick kitty, bows, thread-eating quilt and all.

So overall, it's been a good week...relatively. I didn't get washed out to sea.

Hard to believe that this innocent-looking ocean wants to climb up out of its bed and come eat all my stuff:

Gooood ocean. Just stay right there. Staaaaayyy....

So here we are, back at Sue's house, looking at her fabulous kitchen!


This one's a little blurry. It's a very long hallway, but I didn't go down it. I didn't want to seem too nosy.

More quilters are arriving and gathering in the living room. Notice all the windows and sliders!

Sue has a nice big table for entertaining! Since this was late February, she decorated for Valentine's Day AND St. Patrick's Day with a pink and green theme.

We always have a nice potluck lunch--we have many great cooks in our No Nene group!

Uh oh, another view picture. I never get tired of looking at it:

These quilters gathered on the lanai to eat their lunch.

Here's another scenic view: the dessert table.

Did I mention the view out the lanai?

Yes, we did do more than just eat and enjoy the view. Here's a peek of the quilt I'll show you next time:

Jenny's beautiful kaleidoscopic undersea quilt. And next time, we'll finally see the sewing room!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a house and what a party with all that food and desserts you´ve there! I can hardly wait to see more! I also keep my fingers crossed that there will not be any tsunami.

Anonymous said...

Love how you always keep your sence
of hurmor.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I haven;t minded the extended stay at Sues' the views are amazing! Love that quilt... can't wait to see more. Welcome back, Lisa! I'm glad the sea behaved itself...

Pat said...

I had a very nice time at our extended stay at Sue's house AND, I must confess, I WAS nosy and went down that long hallway while we were there (unlike you who was too chicken to do that). :)

I hope there is no tsunami occurring there. I'm sure that must be scary. TAKE CARE.

The Calico Cat said...

Awww I hope your kitty is better real soon. In my old place, the guest bathroom looked like a crime scene after all of the kitty medicine splatter evidence. (I could not get that stuff off of the walls...)

Laurie said...

What a great place to meet with a bunch of quilters! Sue's house is beautiful! I love the quilt you're working on...

Mary Anne Drury said...

Well I thought I heard foul language coming from your end of the Blogland Neighborhood .... but completely understandable and now excused since you have many good reasons for cussin' lately!!

Very happy to hear you haven't been swept out to sea (YIKES !!) ... and POOR KITTY!!! (Sam, Shadow and Daisy send get well purrs )

....and LOVE that house with those great views!!

ilovebabyquilts said...

Lovely! I've enjoyed my stay at Sue's. She makes a mean strawberry crepe in the morning. Tell her I said thanks. Enjoying the tour!

Sally said...

Oh, My goodness! Absolutely lovely! No wonder you live in paradise! I don't care about the creepy ocean stuff.....all the other stuff certainly outweighs it!

I'd be happy to come do bows for you! (If only!!!!!)

MichelleB said...

A lovely house, and another lovely visit. It's so wonderful that your new quilt pattern is keeping you busy.

tina said...

You know I love Kauai more than anyplace in the whole world. And that view? THAT is my heaven. Right there. I think that perhaps I am related to Sue, no doubt about it, probably separated at birth. I know there must be some reason to be there. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight there. Sigh.

Hang in there baby------ it is all gonna be better!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

I could seriously learn to cope with the cost of living for that view........ thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through your blog :o)


Quilts And Pieces said...

You can strand me there any day!!! And I love all the desserts - gee, even in Hawaii all women love chocolate!

ladydi said...

How wonderful to hear that your postcard pattern is such a success! I loved it from the moment I saw the sneak preview, and couldn't wait to make my own after I saw the whole thing. Thank you, Lisa! Don't you all just love that rug in Sue's hallway? Good ocean, stay ocean.

How about a nice antibiotic injection for Mr. B? It's more likely do get where it's needed that way.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this "tour"! What a great place to quilt and chat with friends!

Salem Stitcher said...

What a gorgeous home. I think if I lived there, I'd never go anywhere else.

ladydi said...

p.s. The dolphin quilt looks like the movie "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" when all the dolphins are flying out of the water and into the sky. It's beautiful!