Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yet Another Cat Mat

It started out to be a small rug, really. But I chose the wrong yarn and it's too slippery and drapey for a rug. Honestly, the thing is so slinky that I can't even coax it to lay straight. I used Knit Picks "Shine"--which is a lovely cotton yarn for garments--but not the sort of thing you need to make a rug or an afghan out of.

I've thought of sewing some sort of twill tape or stabilizing thing around the edges, but that would just be adding more effort to a thing that I should've given up on waaaay before I sewed all the blocks together and added the crocheted border. I just kept thinking: "One more round of crocheted border on this thing, and it'll lay straight!" Nope.

So I have another "thing" for the cat to sleep on. The cat is the recipient of many of my failed objects, whether quilted, knitted or crocheted. Unfortunately, he refuses to sleep on any of them, which makes me feel like a COMPLETE failure. Meh.

"Sorry! I'm just a plain ol' carpet cat."

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