Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pink Day: Kitties and Roses

I had forgotten completely about this quilt. I was looking through some of my old quilt pictures yesterday, and came upon this. I vaguely remember that I made it in one day, and sent it off to the Kauai Humane Society the next, so I didn't much get a chance to contemplate it. I'm surprised that I took a picture of it, as I usually forget in my haste to get a quilt handed off to the proper recipient.

So it got me to thinking: how many quilts have I made that I don't remember at all and didn't take pictures of? What's more staggering is to contemplate how many quilts I have made altogether since I started in 1987! I sometime get this exact question in interviews, and it makes me freeze up like the proverbial deer in headlights. I can't even begin to estimate! Not a clue. Especially when I forget making entire quilts, like the one above.

I suppose I'll just have to make up an answer. "How many quilts have I made? Two thousand thirty-six at last count. But wait...that doesn't count all the imaginary quilts I've made in my head. Okay.....TWELVE thousand thirty-six. I think the kitty quilt above was number nine thousand ninety two. But let me check my QUILTOMETER just to be sure....oh yes, here it is. Nine thousand ninety two.

Beginning quilters, take note. Start your Quiltometers. If you get to be famous, you'll need to be prepared.

Speaking of forgotten, I wandered around to my rose garden yesterday and discovered these beauties. In JANUARY, people. Roses. In January. Kauai.

And yes, I crocheted the doily, thank you very much. I do love my doilies. I only grow roses so that I have something to set on my doilies, actually. And as of this date, I've made thirty-two doilies!

Okay, I made that number up, too. Dang. Looks like I need to buy a doilometer.

PS. The Kitty block above was made from the book, Curl Up Quilts by Goldsmith and Jenkins. I don't remember where I got the border idea and I'm too lazy to go check the book to see if I got it from there...but eh...whatcha gonna do?

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cinnamongirl93 said...

Cute kitty quilt. I can't even remember how many quilts I've made. I known I've made many more in my head! The roses are stunning. I think I can almost smell them from here. BTW -1 degree here tonight. I bet that makes you smile!!!!P.S. Showed DH your site........You know the rest! LOL!!!!!