Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wee Creatures

This is Madison. He's a crocheted bear that I made for absolutely no reason at all except that I wanted to. Madison stands about 9" tall and he's made out of Patons Canadiana acrylic in "Beige." Madison is a Carolyn Christmas Savage Gourmet Crochet pattern and he was very easy to make. I love his shiny little eyes, don't you?
Hello, Mr. Happy Bear! My favorite part of Madison are his jointed limbs that you can move. The joints swivel around his cute little buttons:

Yes, I do love my wee creatures. Especially this one:

This is Mr. Bigglesworth. He has jointed limbs, too...but no buttons. Daddy lets him in in the early morning (he's a night owl kitty) and he sleeps at the foot of our bed with me until I wake up quite a bit later. I'm a terrible insomniac most nights--it takes me HOURS to fall asleep every night, so I wake up when my body decides that I'm rested, hopefully before the phone starts ringing or the postman comes to the door (embarrassing).

Uh oh...digression ahead, but here it goes. Is anyone else out there an unwilling night owl? Like...YOUR WHOLE LIFE?? Do you watch as the whole world pops out of bed smiling and fresh as a daisy while you're still trying to remember who you are? Seriously--it takes me about a half hour to emerge from my dreams and figure out what's reality and what's not.

If you've ever taken a quilt class from me, you know that we don't start until nine. Nine is still a little too early for my brain to be in charge of my mouth, but most people don't want to start around noon when I'm truly coherent. At nine, I can talk without drooling on myself, but only if I've had a couple of lattes and a cranberry scone.

Oh, how I envy morning people. How do you do it? I guess you could ask me the same question about being energetic when I'm up calculating yardage or writing a pattern at 2 a.m. Sometimes my body and mind are so active that just give up, get out of bed and go work out on my elliptical trainer. Or sew, or knit, or write my blog post for the next day. It IS nice and quiet here at night and the phone doesn't ring and no one comes to the door--so I guess it does have some advantages.

End of digression. Time for a different digression (how many am I allowed in one post?)

On several of my morning blog stops, the topic is, "What famous person do you resemble?" and they post a picture of themselves and the famous person. So here's me with my old haircut:

Okay...who do you think I get told that I look like? I could make this a quiz, but I won't keep you in suspense. I grew my hair out from this haircut because I got tired of people telling me I looked like Reba McEntire. In high school (1976), I was always told I look like Olivia Newton John! Someday, I'll scan in my high school picture and see if you agree.

Off to try to sleep. I've got a book, some Sleepytime tea, and a nice warm hotpad waiting...


Sally said...

In that picture, you could be either Joan Shay or Janet Evanovich or even Nora Roberts...there is a resemblance there in the whole pose. Love your blog today...My DH is a morning person and I am NOT! I've always loved the cartoon with the cat standing bleary-eyed with a cup of something hot in his hand and muttering "I'd like mornings better if they started later!"
Have a great day.

Dawn said...

I love reading your blog--daily--and if my husband finds out that you resembl(ed) Olivia Newton John, he'll start reading your blog too! *grin*

Opal said...

I have to agree with Sal, you do look like Janet Evanovich.

As for mornings? Egads, don't attempt conversation with me before noon. I'm another unwilling insomniac. I usually don't even attempt to sleep until after midnight. I've just learned that it would be too frustrating.

I really love that bear! He's so adorable!

cinnamongirl93 said...

The bear is the cutest! I really like his nose the best! I love how your cat is laying in a hawaiian print polar fleece blanket. What's up with that? LOL!!!! I think you look Reba may resemble you a little bit.
P.S. The longer I stay up the more mistakes I make! LOL!!!

Acornbud said...

What a cute little bear. I love the button joints.
Maybe Reba on the top half, but Janet Evanovich is closest.

Lisa Boyer said...

Thank you all so much for your comments! Looks like Janet Evanovich is the winner. Gee...I never thought of Janet Evanovich...and I LOVE her! Her books are so funny. I'm gonna have to go look at the back of one of her books to see what y'all are seeing. Mahalo!