Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Hooked.

Making aprons. I knew I would love it, I'm hooked. I've already made another besides this one, but it's raining outside, so I'll have to wait until later to photograph it.

Have you ever made something that you just think, "Wow. I love doing this. I want to do this some more. No...that's not quite right...this is ALL I want to do. Forget eating and sleeping. Definitely forget cleaning. I just want to do THIS. FOREVER."

I remember feeling this way when I made my first quilt. It was a Eleanor Burn's Quilting in a Day "Log Cabin" quilt. I remember so vividly those strips of fabrics piled up to the left of my machine and the excitement I felt sewing those strips together. Something clicked for me; something primal or spiritual, or ? It was as if quilting was already a part of my soul, waiting for me to discover it.

That's how I feel about aprons. The shape, the function, the femininity, the work ethic it implies, the frugality, the connection with my ancestors, the rick rack, the ties and the buttons! Hello, part of my soul. I'm sorry it took me so long to stumble upon you.

Yes, I'm a nut job. But you knew that.

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cinnamongirl93 said...

Just got to love a pretty apron. I love the sunny yellow! Nice job! I have not made a apron yet....but do have a couple patterns. My dear friend gave me one she made for me last year for Christmas. Enjoy, Barbara