Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's been quite stormy lately here on Kauai. This past Saturday, my friends braved the weather and came to my house for a day of sewing. We chatted through the heavy rain, thunder and lightning--even through the power outage we had during the storm. But alas, by early afternoon, there was talk of closing our road due to flooding, so my friends high-tailed it out of Kapaa and headed for their homes on the south and west sides of the island. This news report shows what happened on our street that day.

Our north and east shores got 14 inches of rain in 12 hours that day. The amazing thing? When my friends got home, they reported that the sun was shining where they live, probably only 10 to 15 miles away! The skies cleared by Monday, and today, we are enjoying sunshine as usual.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a lot of rain! Whew!

Libby said...

This soCal girl just cannot get over the amounts of rain that fall in other places around the globe *wowza*

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! My Kauai vacation starts in two days! As long as we can make it from the airport to Princeville, I guess we're good. (But I'm hoping for a peek or two of some sun while I'm there, too.)