Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Quickie Post

May was spectacularly busy for my family and I. I hope June eases up a bit! It's been Crazyville.

I haven't had much time for crafting, but I did want to pop in and say hello.

I finished a scarf:

This is the "Spring Ripple Scarf," and it's crocheted with Noro Sock Yarn. Sure is colorful, eh? Springy. I'm not exactly sure if I'll ever wear it...actually...with those colors, I think it would wear me. But working on it was fun and it looks pretty hanging in my closet.

We picked up Grayson and Angela from the airport on May 9th, and it sure has been great having them around. One of the first things Angela said to me (I think we were still at the airport!) was that she wanted to learn how to knit.


That made me VERY happy, of course. So here she is with her first project, the "One Row Handspun Scarf." She's finished quite a bit more of it since this picture:

I think she likes knitting! Yay!

I had a day to do a little sewing:

I made four summer lightweight cotton elastic waist skirts. I absolutely lived in the two I made last summer, so I added to my summer collection. Easy as pie, washable, cool...they're great, even if they are a little dorky grandma farm-woman-looking. I love them.

These farm lady skirts will probably look great with my screaming Spring scarf, eh? And maybe some galoshes. Totally dig the crazy ol' lady look. People give you wide berth at the post office.

You haven't seen Mr. Bigglesworth lately, but he sends a big kitty hug:

He loves you all as much as I do.

I am really really really so very sorry that I have not answered hardly any email lately. Besides having visitors and deadlines, I'm having some health issues that I'm researching. No, I don't think it's serious, just sort of a puzzle. Giving up gluten, sugar and dairy seemed to solve many of my mysterious issues, but some remain. For instance, I suddenly seem to be allergic and/or intolerant to so many foods and substances! It's all so strange, because I've never been allergic to anything at all before now. So I've been reading every book and visiting every website I can in search of some answers. I'll hope I'll know more after my doctor visit next week. Wish me luck!


Nancy said...

Could it be gallbladder? Sounds like some issues like she had...

The scarf IS a bit of a crazy color....LOL

Anonymous said...

LOVE the scarf!! Could your health issues be celiac disease? Good luck figuring it out. Hope you feel better soon. Missed you.
Cindy in Illinois

Nancy said...

Um...meant to add that my SISTER had the health issues...and had her gallbladder removed a couple of weeks ago. She had weird stomache aches,diarrhea, chest pain, headaches and white poop!! LOL

Angie said...

Really like the new knit scarf! It would look great with any solid color top. Your skirts are so cute hanging on the clothes line! Hope the Doc figures out what's ailing you, and gets it fixed! :o) Soon!

Howdy said...

Farm Lady Skirt! LOL... honey you'll need to make them a bit longer so you can bend over to pick veggies like the farm ladies here in Lancaster County, PA! But I'm guessing you'll be growing taller veggies there in Hawaii... so you should be OK with those! They are cute!

Hope you get your health issues sorted out... I gave up drinking milk about 10 years ago (mid 40's) as it was giving me such grief - I loved milk. I am more aware of foods my body doesn't like anymore - makes you wonder what they are doing to our food... or is it just an age thing?

Enjoy your summer with your kiddo and his girlfriend!

Oh and that scarf... it's so you! LOL

anne from finland said...

Hi Lisa, Both the scarf and skirts are great! I wish you soon feel better again! I myself can use only uht or without lactose products. We are happy to have those products in Finland, even icecream! Greetings to all the family!

Pat said...

I hope you feel better soon. When you discover what is causing your health issues, please update us. There may be some of us who can benefit from that......sharing these things as we become older (I mean as we MATURE) is often very helpful. LOVE the scarf and skirts. The scarf could come and live in Delaware if it isn't wanting to live in Hawaii!!! How nice that you have a new knitting protege!

Nique said...

That scarf is so wonderful!!! Very colorful and great pattern!

MichelleB said...

Good luck, Lisa! I hope that you're feeling better soon. That scarf is so pretty! And how wonderful that Angela wanted to learn to knit. It looks like she's doing great. The skirts are so cute, too!

Sally said...

Good luck with the doctor, Lisa. I had my gall bladder out and it was the best thing I could have done. Hope the doc figures out what's up and gets you up and going again soon!

Love the skirts...they'd look hideous on my size 3x figure but I'm sure they are darling on you! And I love the scarf...have you tried the mitred square scarf yet? It's addicting!

SandyQuilts said...

Sorry you're under the weather. In 2008 this blog had a gluten free receipe everyday

Oh boy a new knitter ... could you teach me too.

Is the skirt pattern yours? OR can I find it somewhere?

Glad the kids are home.

tarabu said...

I have a temporary acquired food allergy syndrome, which totally sucks. If I eat some fabulous food (like eggplant in August) in too great a quantity for too many days in a row, I develop hives and my face swells up when I have it. Usually if I fast from the offending substance for a few weeks I am good.

I love the scarf - I adore using sock yarn for scarves and shawls. It can get expensive, but the effect is worth it every time!

. . And yes, wearing wellies outside of your own property line does give you a great deal of privacy in public!

susan said...

glad to hear from you...i've been pretty busy and not blogging much either. i hate to admit i had a big crying fit over kauai the other day...my nephew sent me this photo montage with some popular local song from the 70's...what kauai used to be, like i'd still be there if it was still like that. anyway.........sure would love a dip in that warm pacific. looks like another cool summer around here so i doubt if the lakes will get warm enough to swim in...like they are ever really warm enough! i think those skirts are cute, grandm my butt!!! yeah...knitting. I love the circular needles out of bamboo myself. i am getting close to the end of the aphgan i am working on for max. i will photo when done. aloha nui loa sista

ladydi said...

Great to see your latest projects! I hope it isn't an allergy to chocolate.

artfilstitch said...

Sorry to hear about your ailment, hope your Dr. gets a handle on it and you are feeling better soon. Your scarf is very pretty and the "ole' lady" skirts look so nice and comfortable. Wish I had one on now!
Glad you have a new knitter...Angela is doing a great job, thanks to her teacher. Thanks for sharing a photo of Mr. Bigglesworth.....sure looks relaxed. So cute!
Take care!

Unknown said...

Pretty skirts and very practical! Love the scarf. Good luck with the health puzzle.

Rhonda said...

I love the colors in your scarf !

Hope your health mystery will be solved soon.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You look adorable in your little skirts. And that scarf.........go for it!!! lolol
I hope your feeling better soon Lisa.

Beth said...

Hope the absence is from being busy with family and not from health issues.

sewbusy said...

Hope you are feeling better, it is the pits when you know you don't feel good but not why. I miss you as you are my inspiration when I need an umph to get working on a project.

The scarf is wonderful, love the colors!!!

Kellie said...

I really dig those farm lady ;) skirts! And I love the colors you've used in your scarf...very pretty!

Jodi Nelson said...

Hope all is well Lisa. I'm posting my Postcards from Hawaii quilt today. ;o) ooxx`jodi

happy zombie said...

Glad you popped in! Sorry to hear you're still have the ickies and hope you find out soon what it is!

Crazy busy summer for me too. Clink. Toast. Cheers to people we love that come visit us! Happy summer my friend! xoxom

Cheryl said...

Hello Lisa! I saw your article and pic in the Quilters Newsletter current issue, and thought I'd touch base with you. I am moving to Kauai in March, 2010 and wanted to get to know you NOW before I move there so we can MEET when I get there! I have been a member of the online group quilting2friendship for 6 years and am an avid quilter for 30+ yrs! Kauai is my favorite place in the universe, I have already been 3 times, and will be there permanently next March! Pls respond so we can blog ea. other! Do you know Carol Klaunch? She lives in Kapaa....Cheryl Apple

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty scarf. Do you have a link to the pattern?
lucy24lee at yahoo dot com